Dental Care - Children

It can not be stressed enough, that children need to understand the importance of how to look after their teeth. All children will tell us that "sweets are bad for our teeth" and "we need to brush our teeth every day" - but how many actually do?

Children do have a sweet tooth, but they're not born with one. They become accustomed to sugar very easily, and at the practice we do understand how difficult it can be, for parents to reduce or monitor their child's sugar intake.

We aim to encourage children to take on the responsibility of caring for their teeth by learning through fun and using our oral health club called Jesters.

'Jesters' is our children's club which is FREE and is run by Tracy, our qualified oral health educator, within our Oral Health Department. The club consists of two components;

  • Advice can be given on an individual basis on issues such as the causes of dental disease, visiting the dentist, tooth brushing, diet and fluorides.

  • Emphasis is made on having fun, by taking part in activities and games relating to oral health.

The Jesters pages are at

With encouragement and correct instruction we will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease in your children.

Over the past few years our Oral Health Team has been visiting schools. We speak to children of all ages, about diet, cleaning their teeth and visiting the dentist. These sessions are made fun by playing games and competitions, then prizes are given for incentive that do prove to be very popular!

COMMENTS from children & teachers
The team presented a well planned session which covered the main aspects of oral hygiene. The range of activities, provided a variety of opportunities for the children to gain knowledge and ask questions.

A fun style quiz rounded off the afternoon, which was enjoyed by all and clearly demonstrated how successful the visit had been - as do the following comments!
(Class teacher of Year 2)

"I liked that interesting fact about how long you should brush your teeth for"

"I like how we cleaned the puppet dog's teeth"

"I loved learning about teeth and sweets"

(Excerpts from the childrens thank you letters)

If you would be interested in us visiting your school, please contact Tracy Burgoyne for further details.