Dental Care - Preventive Dentistry

Our practice places great emphasis on preventive care, with an increasing number of patients attending the hygienist and our oral health educator. By following the constructive advice given by our Oral Health Department, our goal is to educate children and adults alike the importance of a good standard of oral health, thereby reducing the loss of teeth through gum disease.


Oral Health Department

Our newly opened Oral Health Department has been designed to give all our patients young and old, advice on a one to one basis on all aspects of oral care.



Our hygienists, Louise, Katrina, Faye, Joanna and Lorraine have important roles involving:

  • Removing calculus (tartar) from teeth, this is done by a technique called scale and polish, either by hand or using a peison scaler

  • Treating gum disease, also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease

  • Teaching patients good oral hygiene techniques, individually tailored to specific needs

  • Suitable and the correct oral health products will be recommended


Oral Health Educator

Tracy our oral health educator teaches patients good oral hygiene techniques, particularly with children. Advice is given on a one to one basis regarding; causes of tooth decay, brushing, diet and visiting the dentist.

Every child is encouraged to brush their teeth and have their progress closely monitored. By doing this, children will always have something to aim for, we help by encouraging them to climb our plaque tower which is a good visual incentive. When they achieve their goal, they are rewarded.

Our oral health educator and our hygienists also carry out school visits.


Oral Health Products

We sell a full range of products, which our dentists, hygienists and oral health educator recommend. We aim to keep our prices below the RSP in the high street. Please ask for assistance, if you are unsure which product will best suit your needs.